General Rules

General Rule Information

Punishments for breaking the below rules may be based on the circumstances. Staff judgment will be used in cases where the rules are not sufficient. All rules apply to the server, discord, and forums. If you feel your punishment is unjust, you may appeal it on the forums. By playing on any Torch Gaming Community server, you are considered to have read the rules and will be held accountable.

Your Account, Your Responsibility

  • You are responsible for any and all behavior that takes place on your account. Because of this reason, we recommend not allowing your account to be accessible to anyone else.
  • You should only have one account logged on to a server at a time. Bypassing daily/weekly chests, bans, job caps, and so on with alts are all punishable.
  • If you feel you are wrongly banned for having an alt, make an appeal and explain your situation.
  • Respect all staff and players.
  • Players who are considered detrimental to the community will be removed without further consideration. If you cannot contribute positively, you will be considered toxic to the player base and be removed.
  • No bug exploiting. No server is flawless, especially when new plugins/mods are added. Occasionally catastrophic bugs become server-wide knowledge. Please refrain from abusing them, and contact staff privately if you have found one.
  • Respect staff decisions. If a staff member has informed you of something, or determined a punishment, you are expected to respect it. Staff will be responsible for judging situations in need of resolvement. If the player feels it’s unjust, they can appeal it on the forums.

Chat and/or Voice Chat

  • General chat is expected to be kept PG-13 and free of any socially inflammatory topics including politics, drugs, homophobia, sexism, racism, and explicit content.
  • Be respectful. Do not use hate speech or discriminatory language towards a race, religion, gender, orientation/identity, etc.
  • No extreme swearing or filter dodging in general chat, and you may under no circumstances direct it at another player (Also the Bot will warn you for these words: cunt, bitch, goddamn, whore, and n*gger)
  • English in main chat only. Although this may seem unfair, staff are unable to moderate chat in multiple languages and due to our chat restrictions we ask that you use the DMs for other languages and/or topics deemed inappropriate for general chat.
  • No spamming – we understand and will tolerate minor character spam as a form of emphasis. However, excessive and obvious spam or flooding of chat will not be tolerated. (Also the Bot will mute and warn you for spam of 5 messages/5 sec)
  • Don’t dox, (reveal or share private/personal information about others). It is potentially dangerous and you will be Permanently Banned from the community if you are caught doing so!!!
  • No impersonating players/staff. This includes nicknames, name changes, claims, etc.
  • No inappropriate or disrespectful nicknames, skins, item names, and usernames. If you have a username deemed inappropriate for the server, you will be banned for a month or until you change it. Once you’ve changed it, appeal on the forums and you will be unbanned. The same applies to skins, until you change it.


  • Advertising anywhere on any of our servers is not permitted. This includes the IP and the name of another server. Private messages, signs, books, links, etc. will all be punishable.
  • Advertising any discord or TS server besides the official Torch Gaming Community server’s is not permitted.


  • Harassment for the most part will be identified at the discretion of staff. If you feel you are being harassed, please file a support ticket to contact a staff member on the Discord about the situation.
  • Setting homes in, or near another players build is against the rules. This includes both claimed and unclaimed land.
  • Interfering with a player’s builds will not be tolerated.
  • Trying to make contact with players who’ve /ignore’d you will result in a mute.