Modded Minecraft (Forge) Rules

Please read our general rules which apply to all Torch Gaming Community affiliated servers. The rules listed below are specific to the Modded Minecraft (Forge Edition) server.


  • Griefing is not permitted at all.
  • If trusted to another player’s claim and you have destroyed items or builds then this is consider griefing resulting in a temporary ban.


  • Hacking in any form, and under any circumstance will result in a long temp ban, or perm ban.
  • Xray is not allowed.
  • Using mods that are not exempt below may also result in a ban.
  • Approved Modifications: Optifine, Shaders & Texture Packs, Minimaps, Schematica, Inventory Tweaks, and Armour, Weapon, and Potion Status/Affect