Minecraft (Paper edition) Rules

Please read our general rules which apply to all Torch Gaming Community affiliated servers. The rules listed below are specific to the Minecraft (Paper edition) server.


  • Do not lure players into PvP or combat without their knowledge.
  • No mob disguising in the PvP Arena.


  • Griefing is not permitted at all.
  • If trusted to another player’s claim and you have destroyed items or builds then this is consider griefing resulting in a temporary ban.


  • Hacking in any form, and under any circumstance will result in a long temp ban, or perm ban.
  • Xray is not allowed. This includes in ‘bundled’ mods, such as minimaps and texturepacks.
  • Using mods that are not exempt below may also result in a ban.
  • Approved Modifications: Optifine, Shaders & Texture Packs, Minimaps, Schematica, Inventory Tweaks, and Armour, Weapon, and Potion Status/Affect

These modifications may have content not permitted on the server. For example, included macros and xray are still unacceptable.