Rust Specific Server Rules

Please read our general rules which apply to all Torch Gaming Community affiliated servers. The rules listed below are specific to the Rust server.

  • No cheating/exploiting – defined as abuse of design flaws, configuration flaw, or errors/bugs for personal gain or achievement.
  • Do not destory any twig currently being worked on – please be nice to new players and let them get their base up and running.
  • Respect all players – everyone is equal on our server. Please treat everyone with kindness and avoid any type of harassment.
  • No racial/homophobic/hate speech – this is an instant, permanent ban from all Torch Gaming Community servers and Discord.
  • No groups larger than 5 – groups will be broken up if they exceed 5 and if repeated or not followed, may result in a ban.
  • Do not accuse someone of cheating without probable cause/evidence to support your claim – this pertains to both other players and staff. Staff are held to a high standard and any type of cheating will result in drastic actions. All events are logged. Please do not falsely accuse someone of cheating unless you have evidence to back up your claim!