Rust Information

General Information

Rusty Torch is a Rust Server part of the Torch Gaming Community Lineup! We are a group of friends who started the community and would love for others to join and have some fun! The server is modded with 2X loot pickup, backpacks, increased scientist spawn rates, implementation of zombies and scarecrows for extra PvE fun, and so much more! Please refer to our mod list for more information about custom mods. The server is run on dedicated hardware.

Our maximum group size is 5 players. If we have reports of larger group sizes, we will check the group size to confirm.

Joining Instructions

There are multiple ways to join our Rust server. You can use the server list in the game to find us or manually connect if the server list doesn’t show Rusty Torch.

Use Server List Method

On the left side, click on PLAY GAME and then Modded. Click the search bar at the bottom and type Rusty Torch

Manual Method

When at the main menu in Rust, hit the F1 key and type: connect

If you run into any issues connecting, please contact one of the staff members via our Discord server.

Rust Staff Information

Please feel free to join our Discord server to reach a staff member if you run into any problems. Yes, our staff play on the Rust server. No, there is no admin/staff cheating like other rust servers. We have very strict policies in place to prevent this. Every staff action is logged and anything spawned in is to be done on an island that is unoccupied and then disposed of after testing or having fun. When the item is destroyed, it is reported to the log file as well.

Randomly crying wolf saying a staff member is cheating without evidence or probable cause will result in a possible ban. We will investigate every report but trust our staff will do the right thing.