Rust Mod List & Command Reference

Mod ListHow to use
ActiveSort – allows players to sort furnaces and refineries for the best smelting stack size.Sort button appears on the screen when the furnace or refinery GUI is open.
Backpacks – allows players to have two additional rows of inventory space.The backpack button appears to the right of the inventory hotbar at the bottom.
BradleyGuards – calls reinforcements when Bradley is destroyed at Launch Site.
BuildingGrades – allows players to easily upgrade or downgrade the entire base by one grade relative to the current grade of the building.

Building Grades: Twigs or 0, Wood or 1, Stone or 2, Metal or 3, TopTier or 4.

Filters are as follows: foundation, wall, floor, stair, roof, ramp.
/up [grade] [filter]
Examples: /up, /up 2, /up 1 wall, /up wall
Note: grade and filter not required! /up will upgrade the entire building.

/down [grade] [filter]
Examples: /down, /down 1, /down 1 wall, /down wall
Note: grade and filter not required! /down will downgrade the entire building.
Building Workbench – extends the range of the workbench throughout the entire base.
DeathNotes – custom death notes broadcasted to chat.
Furnace Splitter – splits up ores into equal stacks when put into furnaces./fs – shows status and help options
/fs on – enables Furnace Splitter
/fs off – disables Furnace Splitter
Helicopter Hover – enables helicopters to hover./hover – use while in driver’s seat
Instant Research – enables instant research instead of waiting the default 10 seconds.
Kill Steaks – keeps track of player kill streaks. Still being configured. Full functionality not available.
NPCDropGun – forces NPCs to drop their weapon after death.
OfflineDoors – automatically closes all doors by a player upon disconnect.
QuickSmelt – increases the smelting speed on Furnaces.
QuickSort – adds a GUI in the inventory screen which allows players to sort items into containers.
SkipNightVote – when nighttime approaches, players have the ability to skip the night (requires 60% majority vote)./voteday
WeaponTrajectory – Draws the trajectory of rockets and explosives.